Singer Monica Chapman in Performance
From the Release Party for Her CD 'P.S. I Love You'
Live at the Lula Lounge

Photo by Randall Cook

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Saturday April 25, 2015

Review of Monica Chapman's Performance at the Lula Lounge and CD Release Party added …

The hour that followed was a musical feast. They played the music from the CD and because of time constraints couldn't add anything but what they did was more than enough. The CD wasn't just performed live it came to life. There's a big difference.

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Wednesday April 22, 2015

Feview of the Canadian Opera Company's Production of 'The Barber of Seville' added …

The voices filling the smaller roles in this production are outstanding. With power to spare and a well formed sense of expression Ensemble Studio soprano Aviva Fortunata's portrayal of Rosina's Governess, 'Berta', established her as a dominant presence even when she sang recitatives.

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Sunday April 12, 2015

Review of Opera Atelier's Production of 'Orpheus and Eurydice' added …

What resonated throughout was how perfectly the production had been cast. That may not seem like a big deal with a small cast but it is. When a single role is as dominant as that of "Orpheus" everything else has to fit seamlessly or the production falters the instant someone else sings. That wasn't the case here.

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Sunday April 12, 2015

El Camino at The Cheeky Monkey and Mike Blackmore at Zzas: First Friday April 2015

Throughout the set the trio became increasingly crisp. Their acoustic guitars meshed for a solid rhythmic foundation with Marvin Eskritt throwing in lead nuggets that were tasty and timely and had the virtue of leaving listeners wishing for more. Behind them Steve Bird kept the beat with a light touch ideal for an acoustic group.

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