Aline Kutan as the Queen of the Night from a
Monte Carlo Production of 'The Magic Flute'



The New Opera and Oratorio Section

This part of the site hasn't been updated in quite a while. Part of that's due to mistakes on my part. The articles pertaining to the Talisker Players probably should have been in this section all along. The same is true of Richard Margison's appearance with the Ontario Philharmonic.

The order went awry when the site got too big. That's being corrected with this overhaul along with redesigning the pages to be responsive. Most of that had photos will have less of them. Several, mostly the reviews of opera DVD's, are coming down. Some things that get added should come as a happy surprise. Whatever the case, it's going to be interesting.

Stay tuned.

Brian Hay
March 2016

Highlights from This Section

Orchestra London's Production of 'The Magic Flute'; Spring 2009

This was an amazing production, and also the one that initiated the long association with Orchestra London. Casting and interpretation of this materpiece don't get any better what was done here.

The Dublin Messiah; December 2011

The Aradia Ensemble's production of 'Messiah' as Kevin Mallon felt Handel wrote before revising it later was an enlightening and breathtaking experience. In it's reduced form it seemed the work had been restored to the command of Handel's instincts as a composer of operas and became something far different than what's normally seen.

Kevin Mallon discusses the differences between the
Original Dublin Messiah and the standard version.

Tenor Joseph Schnurr and bass Jason Nedecky perform
two examples of these differences with the Aradia Ensemble.

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